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Business Exit Planning Services

What Is Business Exit Planning?

Exit Planning is the holistic approach to designing a business-exit strategy that provides you maximum value for your life’s work after exiting your business. How much is your business worth? What’s your succession plan? Burt & Company CPAs can help you answer those questions and more.

Business Exit Planning Services

Before you engage a business broker or attorney, you first need a road map that plots where you are to where you want to go with your business. Successful business exit planning hinges on an orderly, financially sound, and tax-efficient exit strategy. Our services help you gather information, assemble an exit planning team, offer a set of recommendations, as well as general oversight throughout the business exit process. We’re certified to guide you a seven-step process to help you get maximum value for your business.

Exit Planning Assessment Workbook

Our assessment workbook is designed to collect the details needed to create your customized business exit roadmap, guiding you to:

✔ Confirm your exit objectives
✔ Identify your business & financial resources
✔ Define what builds & preserves business value
✔ Specify ownership transfer & continuity goals
✔ Protect personal wealth & inform estate planning 

Exit Planning Workbook for Business Owners

Why Have a Plan?

In our 30+ years of helping businesses just like yours develop a well-thought out exit plan, we’ve found that the best place to start is with the end in mind. Some of the questions we’ll ask are:

  • When do you want to leave? 
  • What are your retirement goals and objectives?
  • How much money do you need from your business exit? 
  • Do you have a current list of personal and business financial resources? 
  • How will you structure the sale or transfer ownership of the business? 
  • To whom will you sell the business? A third-party buyer or do you have an internal succession plan?

Even if you never want to retire, you still need an exit plan. An exit plan covers many different aspects of your business and personal situation. It’s a comprehensive planning effort that addresses business continuity issues, estate planning and building business value.

Who’s Involved in a Business Exit Plan?

A business-exit plan ensures that you have strategies in place to protect the value of your business. Often that protection comes in the form of business-continuity instructions for unexpected circumstances (such as illness or death), as well as a personal wealth and estate plan. We’ll help you lead your advisor team, which includes:

  • CPA and business valuation expert
  • Business Attorney
  • Estate Planning attorney
  • Financial planner
  • Management consultant
  • Business broker or investment banker
  • Other as-needed professionals

The Many Benefits of an Exit Plan

You have the peace of mind knowing that you have a plan designed to assure the following during the time of transition:

  • Maximize the sale value for your business
  • Minimize the tax burden when selling or transitioning out
  • Reduce risks and potential liability 
  • Retain control of the business valuation and exit planning process
  • Experience peace of mind that you have a solid plan in place

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~ Bryan Costilla

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